Deliverance Basics Bundle

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Pastor, I'm on a modest budget, what would you recommend? Much of what we know about deliverance in the twentieth and twenty-first century can be traced back to the ministry of these three pioneers. If you only had $50 to spend I would recommend purchasing Pastor Win Worley's four essential booklets, and these three books. Battling the Hosts of Hell - Diary of an Exorcist was the first book written by Pastor Win Worley. The first part of the book is his journal that recorded the wonders and powerful deliverance sessions witnessed by the ministers and workers at Hegewisch Baptist Church. The last part of the book, Pastor Win teaches what he learned through hands on ministry in deliverance and by revelation of the Holy Spirit. Blessing or Curse - You can choose is one of the great books by Derek Prince on deliverance. In this book he specifically addresses curses and how to deal with this legal ground the enemy uses to infiltrate our lives. Pigs in the Parlor - is a valuable resource by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond. This book was written by one of the foremost deliverance ministers of our time. You will learn a great deal from this book.