Demolishing the Hosts of Hell . . . Every Christian's Job (1978)

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Beginning late in 1970, the ministry of casting out demons was introduced in the Hegewisch Baptist Church by Pastor Worley. Since this began an average of over 1,000 first-time visitors per year have poured through this unique church which is 97% workers. Hundreds of people have received significant and often spectacular help at the church. This book contains 40 tract length articles on demonic possessions with topics such as the names of demons, marks of cultic groups, using a thesaurus in deliverance, children and deliverance, a word about incense, tactics to win the war, and many other topics filled with knowledge gained from the pastor's spiritual battles that will be invaluable to deliverance workers. Also included are testimonies from 25 individuals, and appendix section, and a short section of useful hymns