Win Worley Booklets - Complete Set

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If you order this special bundle we will send you all of Pastor Win Worley's booklets (that are currently in print) for $115!!! Individually these booklets sell for $3 each. Out of the booklets Pastor Worley wrote over the years, three (#22, #23, and #29) are out of print. However booklet 33 on the Alcohol Syndrome has a part A, B, and C. That brings the total to 49 physical booklets numbered 1-50 (minus the three that are no longer in print). Of the 49 booklets contained in this bundle, 5 of these (#5, #34, #35, #36, and #37) are double features and cover two topics per booklet. Order the complete set of booklets and start today to equip yourself and your family to face the Hosts of Hell! Pastor Worley took excerpts from his books to create these condensed teaching and training resources. Each one is a wealth of insight into the spiritual realm of Deliverance Ministry and Spiritual Warfare.